Anxiety and Panic Attacks (5)

Abstract – Anxieties can cause incredible suffering, especially in combination with panic attacks, which are usually a short-lived but more intense form of anxiety. At the foundation is often a subconscious, or sometimes partially conscious, feeling that something in life is ‘out of sync’. Anxiety is often triggered by interpersonal difficulties, such as relationship breakups or human problems at the work place. The less one has a good sense of oneself, one’s values, interests and needs, the more difficult interactions and communication with others can become, the lower is one’s resilience in conflicts and situations of divergent interests. All this can induce and maintain anxiety. While a predisposition for anxiety has been shown on the molecular biological and the epidemiological level, it usually is triggered and maintained by conflicts on the inside or the outside. Psychotherapy has been shown to be very effective in treating anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

Keywords: anxiety, panic attacks, psychotherapy

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks (5) Christian Jonathan Haverkampf

Self-Confidence (3)

Abstract – Many people suffering from depression or other mental health conditions feel that low self-confidence is at the root of many of their problems. Self-confidence is primarily a feeling, and while it is usually a signal or symptom of the underlying condition, it can be a valuable topic in psychotherapy in its own regard if part of a more complete treatment approach.

Low self-confidence is a result of a disconnect with oneself, which can be countered effectively with improved communication with oneself and others. Objectives in therapy can be to build a better sense of self and greater efficacy in communicating with others. In most cases, this resolves the patient’s preoccupation with self-confidence and helps to get a greater sense of confidence in interactions with others, ultimately making self-confidence a ‘non-issue’.

Keywords: self-confidence, psychotherapy

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Self-Confidence (3) Christian Jonathan Haverkampf